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Pay and benefits

In this section, you can find guidance on:

  • the legal minimum wage, including which payments can and cannot be counted towards it
  • documenting terms and information about pay
  • deductions from pay and how to avoid an unlawful deduction from wages claim
  • pensions, including auto-enrolment and changing pension terms, including the requirement to consult over listed changes

  • Calculating a week’s pay

    We explain how to calculate a week's pay for employees.

  • Deductions from pay

    We explain what deductions from pay are permitted, what a contract should say about deductions, and advise you on recovering overpayments.

  • Documenting pay

    We explain the written information about pay that you must provide to employees, including pay statements and pay clauses in the employment contract.

  • Pensions

    We explain the main types of pensions schemes and their benefits, your obligations in relation to workplace pensions and key pension-related employment rights and information obligations.

  • The Minimum Wage

    We explain who qualifies for the national minimum wage, what the rate is, the payments and hours that count towards it, and advise you on record-keeping.

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