The job offer and beyond

In this section, we advise you on making and securing acceptance of job offers and the circumstances in which you might want to withdraw a job offer. We also look at the importance of induction and probationary periods and provide guidance on the retention of recruitment records.

  • Induction and probationary periods

    We advise you on putting new recruits through an induction programme, and establishing a probationary period where performance is closely monitored.

  • Making and securing acceptance of job offers

    We advise you on making and securing acceptance of job offers, including when an acceptance comes into effect.

  • Recruitment records

    We explain how you should keep records you obtain during recruitment, whilst respecting the principles of data protection law. We also cover equality monitoring.

  • Withdrawing a job offer

    We advise you on withdrawing conditional and unconditional job offers, including the legal considerations, e.g. discrimination and contract breach claims.

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