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The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR): A primer for manufacturers

PUBLISHED 28 Nov 2016

This EEF/Oracle report, The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR): A primer for manufacturers, answers four important questions to help manufacturers on their 4IR journey:
  • Is 4IR hype? Or do I need to take this seriously?
  • Is the UK manufacturing sector up for this?
  • What are the tangible things I can do something with to implement 4IR? (the report includes use case examples)
  • What else do I need to do?

The report has been developed through focus groups, interviews and surveys to build up a picture of what manufacturers make of the 4th industrial revolution. This is not just about technology and the report goes into some of the changes that industry leaders will need to make within their company including giving IT a more strategic business planning role, changing company culture to enable higher levels of innovation and adopting a visionary approach to leadership.


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