Unlocking employee productivity: The role of health and wellbeing in manufacturing

PUBLISHED 10 May 2018

This study brings together academic research on productivity and wellbeing in manufacturing businesses, a survey of over 100 UK manufacturing businesses and case study interviews with four firms which are working to improve the wellbeing of their employees. The report provides new sector-focussed insight into the impact of health and wellbeing on performance and productivity in manufacturing.


Published by EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation and Westfield Health and carried out by the Institute of Employment Studies the study shows that the overall mental health and wellbeing of employees is inextricably linked to motivation, engagement and performance in the workplace.

In particular, it shows that good wellbeing can bring significant benefit to those companies employing lean manufacturing processes, especially if the focus is on good mental health, resilience, autonomy and involvement at work. This can bring productivity improvements of up to 10%.


Join our webinar on 27 June for expert insight and analysis into the report, hear from the researchers, the Institute for Employment Studies, and the experiences of Siemens and other best practice case studies. Find out more or book your place now.


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