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Upgrading power: delivering a flexible electricity system

PUBLISHED 12 Dec 2016, 0:01

Industry calls for Annual Energy Statement and measures to increase efficiency and flexibility of electricity consumption 

EEF's energy report Upgrading power: delivering a flexible electricity system, in partnership with CMR Consultants and Open Energi, looks at the changes required to how we use and consume electricity, and the role manufacturers can play in providing a more flexible and secure electricity system. 


New survey evidence shows that manufacturers have a lack of confidence in the future security of supply, with just one third of companies agreeing that government has a long-term strategy. Furthermore, just under 4% of companies believe that the UK energy infrastructure has improved in the last two years, whilst 25% felt it had worsened.





EEF has called for the introduction of an annual Energy Statement to provide a longer term view of energy policy in the UK, and a greater sense of stability and transparency. The first statement, in 2017, needs to focus on the provision of baseload power, details on the future support for low-carbon generation as well as a carbon capture and storage strategy.


Beyond this, EEF is calling for a wide range of reforms to help deliver further improvements in industrial energy efficiency as well as greater uptake of demand side response activities. Such measures will help reduce costs for all consumers, improve the resilience of our energy supply, and reduce bills for manufacturers taking action.





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