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Inflation update

Keeping up to date with changes in inflation is important for your business. Our monthly inflation update provides the latest CPIH, CPI and RPI figures. 

1Below is a table with current CPIH, CPI and RPI figures, published on 13 February 2019. 





 Index (1)  % change

Index (1)

 % change


% change

November 2018   

2.2 107.0 2.3 284.6 3.2
December 2018 107.1 2.0 107.1 2.1 285.6 2.7
January 2019 106.4 1.8 106.3 1.8 283.0 2.5

Source: Office of National Statistics

The next data will be published on 20 March 2019.

Looking for additional CPI and RPI data? Download our latest Pay Bulletin.


    Please note: ONS no longer considers RPI inflation as a national statistic due to its tendency to overstate inflation; ONS are currently considering its replacement with a new measure called RPIJ. However, we shall continue to report on RPI in our forecasts for the time being.

    (1) From January 2016, CPI and CPIH indices have been re-referenced and published with 2015=100, this does not impact on published inflation rates.

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