Privacy policy

The privacy of our users is important to us and we take care to safeguard it. This page describes our privacy policy, including the information that we might collect and how this is processed.

How we use information about you

EEF Ltd keeps and uses contact details of individuals from companies who use our services. To maintain the quality of our service, we will also keep and use records of the nature and content of the contact we have with them and the services we have provided. We may, from time to time, use this information in order to tailor our services and inform you of ways we can help. You may on occasion provide us with documentation and information relevant to issues we are advising on. We will retain and use this information to enable us to provide the relevant service to you. We will not disclose any information about individuals from our member companies unless they are operating as an agent or sevice provider for EEF, except where we are entitled or required by law to do so.

Our data controller is Paul Jennings, EEF, Broadway House, Tothill Street, London SW1H 9NQ.

What information do we collect through our website?

When you register as a user, we will collect information necessary to validate your registration and to identify you for the purposes of providing the service.

We may also collect information from you if you voluntarily complete any other forms on our site or if you contact us with comments or specific requests.

Additionally, we may collect information relating to your use of the service for the purposes of monitoring and improving our provision and tailoring the provided service.

We will not disclose any information collected to any third party unless they are operating as an agent or service provider for EEF, except where we are required by law to do so.

Use of cookies

This website makes use of cookies (files which are sent by us to your computer or other access device) which we may then access when you visit our website in future.

We do this to enable us to gain a better understanding of our users and their needs, and to monitor the effectiveness of our website in delivering content to them. We also use cookies to authenticate and authorise registered users.

We do not store any personal information that you have provided to us in any cookie issued by this website.

If you want to delete any cookies that are already on your computer, please refer to the instructions for your operating system or browser. Our cookies are clearly identifiable and will have the file names <user>

How this site uses cookies

The main cookies used on this website are as follows:

Cookie Type



These cookies help us to improve this website over time, by giving us insights into how the various sections of the website are used and how users interact with the website. The information collected is anonymous and statistical.


These cookies are used to identify unique visitors to the website. If you log in to the website, these are the cookies that allow us to remember who you are so that we can provide you with access to pages personal to you, for example your account pages. These cookies help keep your visit to the site secure.


These are cookies that are designed to ensure that your visit to the website is as smooth as possible. Their main uses are:
• Allowing us to identify your device as you use the website, so that you are not treated as a new visitor each time you go to another part of the website;
• Ensure that the servers that we use to power the website each serve an equal number of users, to help make everyone's browsing as swift and responsible as possible;
• Noting your browser's capabilities.

How to reject and delete them

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. However you do not have to accept cookies and you can, should you choose to at any time, reject or block the use of cookies and delete all cookies currently stored on your device.  You can find out how to do this for your particular browser by clicking “help” on your browser's menu, or by visiting:

Please be aware however that if you chose to block cookies you may not be able to access certain features of this web site. For information on how to reject or delete cookies on the browser of your mobile device you may need to refer to your device's manual.

Third party cookies

We may allow third party organisations to set cookies using this website in order to deliver services.  If you would like more information about the cookies used by these third parties, as well as details on how to opt-out, please see the table below.

Cookie Name

What the cookie is used for

Crazy Egg

On some pages on our website, we use Crazy Egg to view how our visitors are interacting with our web pages.

Crazy Egg uses a cookie only to distinguish between new and returning visitors.

More information about Crazy Egg’s privacy practices, including opt-out information, can be found at


We send emails through Eloqua which uses tracking technologies. We use this information primarily to understand what subjects are interesting to our readers, by monitoring whether our emails are opened and what links are clicked on by our readers. We then use this information to improve the emails that we send to you and the services that we provide.

When you visit our website Eloqua will place a persistent cookie on your device unless there is already an Eloqua cookie on your device. If you have used a website which uses Eloqua, then you may have an Eloqua cookie already. We may use the Eloqua cookie to allow us to analyse your use of our website so that we can keep improving our website.

Emails sent using Eloqua will use tracking technologies of the kind described above. If you wish to disable all use of Eloqua tracking technologies for your device you can do this on their opt-out page.


Information on deleting or controlling cookies is available at

Please note that by deleting or refusing cookies, you may be unable to access certain areas or features of our site.

Data protection

If you wish to request a copy of information that we hold about you, please contact the Data Protection Controller at the above address.

If you have any queries concerning your personal information or any questions on our use of the information, please contact us by writing to:

The Website Manager
Broadway House
Tothill Street
London SW1H 9NQ

Regulatory information

This website is operated by EEF Limited. EEF Limited is the organisation for manufacturing, engineering and technology-based businesses. It is an employers association regulated under Part II of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 and a company limited by guarantee. EEF Limited is registered in England and Wales, registered no 05950172, and its registered office is Broadway House, Tothill Street, London, SW1H 9NQ

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