Everything you need to know about ISO 9001 2015

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ISO 9001 is being revised and the 2015 updates will be released in September this year.  While the standards have been updated in the past, the new standards represent a significant revision and change.  If your business has adopted ISO9001 then it’s essential that you understand what these changes mean for you.

Why is ISO9001 being revised?

The ISO standards are reviewed every five years to ensure that they remain up-to-date and relevant in the modern marketplace.  There hasn’t been a significant revision to ISO 9001 since the year 2000.  This revision has been designed to respond to many of the latest working trends and better integrate with other standards like ISO 14001.

What will the ISO 9001:2015 revision cover?

How we work today has changed significantly.  Our technologically led marketplaces and working spaces have made geographical boundaries almost insignificant, placed more information than ever before at our fingertips and changed our supply chains immeasurably.  In order to keep pace, businesses have to evolve and ISO 9001 has to evolve too.

The main changes to the standard are:

·         A greater emphasis on leadership

·         A focus on risk management

·         Increased emphasis on objectives measurement and change

·         Communication and awareness

·         Fewer prescriptive requirements

By increasing the emphasis on leadership and encouraging more ‘sleeves rolled up’ involvement from leaders, the new standards have been designed to ensure that quality becomes more of a strategic issue.  Additionally, this emphasis will ensure that the senior team are involved in a deployment that sticks rather than wanes.

The increased focus on risk management and in making your quality management systems work harder to prevent risk.  Risk is no longer just a component of ISO 9001.  Now it has become more explicit and is encompassed by the entire management system.

Continuous improvement also becomes more of a feature of the new standard.  Quality management systems are brought in to the heart of the standards and the processes.  In doing this, the new standard also brings quality in to central focus from a strategic and business process perspective.

All of this means that the standard is much more customer first than we have seen in the past.  The standards now, more than ever appreciate our new global marketplace and the need to deliver quality, consistency and value at all stages. 

ISO 9001 experience

Once the new standard is published, ISO 9001 businesses will have three years to implement the changes, but the case for early-adoption is clear.  Businesses that are more customer focused and in a strong position to compete nationally and globally have a better chance to succeed.

EEF will be holding  ISO 9001:2015 seminars in August in preparation for the new standards.  These seminars will take you through the essentials of the forthcoming change and the benefits of early adoption.  If you are getting ready for the new standards but want to improve your team’s knowledge, then EEF’s Problem Solving training course and our FMEA training course both deliver essential, strategically driven ISO 9001 skills.


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