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The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) was established in 1979 and EEF has a long-standing relationship with them.  In fact, we carry NEBOSH Accreditation Number 001.  Since then we have worked alongside NEBOSH to help the health and safety sector develop meaningful and effective qualifications.

NEBOSH qualifications can be applied throughout your organisation and at varying levels of knowledge and experience.  Whether you are a supervisor or senior health and safety professional, small business owner/manager or responsible for the well-being of hundreds of employees, NEBOSH qualifications have been developed to be relevant, beneficial and instantly effective.

There are three levels of NEBOSH Qualification. The NEBOSH Award is designed for those in supervisory role or those that are safety representatives.  The NEBOSH Certificates are designed for those who lead health & safety in a lower risk business or for those starting out in a career in health & safety.  The NEBOSH Diploma is for those who either lead health & safety in a higher risk business or occupy senior management roles such as Health & Safety Director.

Why you have to know about NEBOSH Health and Safety Training

Every company has to comply with Health and Safety legislation.  The laws are there to help protect employees, the general public and your business from workplace risks.  It is also a legal requirement that you receive Health and Safety advice from a competent person – whether they are an employee or someone external.  The NEBOSH Certificates and Diploma are seen as the cornerstone of this competency.  They contain all of the information that you need to ensure that you are operating safely and within the law.

Why you need to know about NEBOSH Health and Safety Training

Many businesses balk at the thought of investing in NEBOSH Health and Safety Training Courses, but a failure to invest can be a false economy.  Accidents at work cost money.  From employees who are off work through to lost time actually doing the jobs you have to do.  Accredited, qualified staff members can reduce these costs by implementing safer working practices.  They also reduce working risk and that can reduce other unseen costs such as your insurance premiums.

Why you want to know about NEBOSH Health and Safety Training

Imagine working in an environment where you are constantly worried about your own safety and the safety of the people around you.  It must be hard to productive and happy at work in that kind of an environment.  By making an investment in workplace Health and Safety through NEBOSH qualifications you can create a safe and healthy workplace.  An investment of this sort will help to keep you team happy, safe and motivated.

NEBOSH Training with EEF

EEF offer a wide range of NEBOSH training courses.  Whether you are looking to complete an Award, Certificate or Diploma we provide over 20 courses at venues across the country.  If you are just starting out or only need to know the basics of Health and Safety, the NEBOSH award of health and safety at work provides all of the essential information.   Delegates who are looking to make workplace health and safety more of a focus or take on more responsibility should complete the NEBOSH national general certificate in occupational safety and health.  This ten-day nationally recognised qualification looks at the main legal requirements as well as developing processes, identifying risks and improving working practices. 

Aspiring health and safety professionals should consider NEBOSH’s flagship national diploma in occupational health and safety training course.  This diploma has been designed for people who want to develop and pursue a career in workplace health and safety.  With all of the essential knowledge, information and practical applications, it is the course that starts successful health and safety careers.


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