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3 essentials for a happy retirement

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Planning for your retirement might seem like a daunting challenge, but there are three essential areas of planning to ensure a happy retirement.


The freedom to travel. The chance to slow down the pace of living to a more enjoyable speed. These are just some of the goals many working professionals set themselves as they travel the long road to their retirement.

The golden years of no longer needing to work are filled with possibility, but the reality is that a happy retirement is dependent on proper forward planning.

A longer life expectancy is among many reasons why so many future-retirees are worried about how their lives will be affected when they stop working. Questions around how to afford this longer, non-working life means many are considering working until they are 70 years old (and older). This adds to the mounting insecurities and worries of future retirees who are planning to stay in employment well past 65 years old.

Effective pre-retirement planning can help ease these worries, by ensuring your future is happy, healthy and financially stable. Giving you peace of mind as you make you way towards your retirement.

Here are three key areas to plan around for a happy retirement:

1) Health

Living a long and healthy life really is a privilege, and you can ensure that you are making the most of your longer life by ensuring you are healthy and happy. This means considering lifestyle changes, if desired, such as eating more healthily and doing more exercise to reduce any risk of long term health problems.  

Regular check-ups with your doctor, dentist or any other specialists, are also important to catch any problems before they become issues that impact your life and longevity and without the need to arrange such appointments around a busy work schedule.

2) Home and Location

One of the key aspects of a successful retirement is having the right home, in the right place, with the right running costs. Tweet this If one of these crucial three elements of your home situation is wrong, this can prevent a happy retirement. This is especially true if the costs of running your home are too high, making it more likely that you will fall into unmanageable debt.

It is important to remember that in your retirement, your home is much more than just a refuelling spot. It will now become the focal point of your life and as such needs to be somewhere you love being (and can afford). Your spouse or partner also needs to feel the same way about this living space you share. So think carefully about where you are and where you’d prefer to be for a happy life. 

  • Have you talked about all your location options?
  • Is selling your current home the right choice for you?
  • Would you want to move abroad?

3) Pensions and Finances

There is more to a happy life than money, but being financially secure in your retirement years is important. Pre-retirement planning therefore must fully take into account anything you may not understand about your future financial situation:

  • Do you understand what pension you will receive and/or entitled to?
  • Do you know what the state provides vs what your company provides?
  • Do you understand what other assets or capital are available to you?
  • Do you understand your personal liabilities and debts?
  • Have you planned for all the associated costs of your longer retirement?

Getting answers to all these critical questions (and many more) is vital for your pre-retirement planning and will help you with the equally important task of managing what money you will have for your future.

EEF offers an in-depth, one-day pre-retirement course designed specifically to help anyone approaching retirement to smooth the transition and make it more enjoyable. The course helps retirees (or their spouses and partners) better understand and plan for their futures.

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