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3 sustainability risks faced by your business

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Sustainability risks can impact a manufacturing organisation in a number of ways. EEF’s James Wyse explains the three key risks facing your business and how effective environmental management training can help you prepare for and reduce these risks.


There are many ways your business performance can be improved, and it’s important to never overlook the role environmental sustainability plays, especially given the major sustainability risks your company faces.

Increasing energy costs and worries over resource availability can have a big impact on the economic performance of a business, while potential incidents in the supply chain (like on site accidents) can lead to large direct costs e.g. compensation claims and the wider impacts related to bad publicity and potential brand boycotts. Sustainability means the long term profitability and survival of businesses and in order for them to prosper they need to understand and manage the risks at a strategic and operational level.

Managing sustainability risks is a process of ‘plan, do, check and act’ Tweet this : identifying the risks, implementing process and procedures for managing them, checking that they are working properly and then acting where improvements are needed. EEF offers a range of accredited training courses to help you and your team manage this process.

Here are three key sustainability risks to consider and some tips to help you prepare, reduce and manage the impact to your business:


We offer a range of accredited training courses:

IEMA diploma in sustainable business practice

IEMA managing with environmental sustainability

IEMA working with environmental sustainability

IEMA environmental awareness

IEMA foundation certificate in environmental management

IEMA associate certificate in environmental management

NEBOSH national environmental certificate

NEBOSH environmental diploma



National sustainability Lead and Area Lead - North

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