What qualification should you consider to progress your health and safety career? | EEF

What qualification should you consider to progress your health and safety career?

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Whether you’re just starting out in the Health and Safety profession, or if you’re looking to progress your career, working towards accredited qualifications is an important step.

By: Chris Newson, HSS Product Development and Delivery Lead


An accredited health and safety qualification not only helps progress your individual career, but also helps build your business’ reputation as an organisation that is credible and committed to maintaining the highest standards.

Having a good safety record is important for businesses looking to entrench long-term success, but risk management is only one part of this. Staying up to date with changing legislation and being able to critically evaluate and manage changes across all areas of the business are vital skills for a health and safety career. Accredited training courses that lead to qualifications, like the NEBOSH or Oxford Brookes Certificate or Diploma, help refine and develop these skills to ensure excellence.

But what training do you need and at what point in your career?

Our new, free and easy-to-use quiz can help you decide what level of qualification to consider to help you progress your health and safety career even further.

With 14 questions to help determine where you are in your career development, this quiz will help you make the next step.


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