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Checklist – are you ready to transition to ISO14001?

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Are you in the process of planning to transition to the new ISO14001 standard? Use this checklist of questions to determine where you need to focus your transition plans.

By: Julian Ross, HSCE Consultant


In 2015 the revised standard for the 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) was introduced to bring a renewed focus on the value environmental management delivers a business.

If you currently have 14001, or are aiming to gain certification, the revised standard will affect you by placing additional emphasis on environmental leadership in the organisation, and better integration of your EMS with your business strategy.

Here are the key questions to ask as you transition to the new requirements:

  1. Do you understand why your business has ISO14001?

  2. Does your current EMS consider external and internal issues not in your control (like the political or economic environment)?

  3. Does your EMS take into account the environmental requirements of your stakeholders/interested parties?

  4. What areas of your business does you EMS cover?

  5. Is your top level of management involved in your EMS implementation and maintenance?

  6. Is your EMS integrated into your business strategy?

  7. Does you EMS take into account risks/opportunities that a changing environment has on business?

  8. What is your process for setting environmental objectives?

  9. What communications strategy is in place regarding your EMS?

  10. Does your EMS improve your business?

For more help and support in implementing ISO14001:2015, our IEMA Associate Certificate provides a thorough understanding of the concepts and requirements needed to transition to, or implement the ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management Standard.

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This gap assessment will assess your current practices against some of the key changes of the revised standard, giving you an understanding of what you will need to do to comply.

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Learn how the new standard encourages companies to get better value from their EMS through integration with their business strategy.

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We offer international training for our IEMA Associate Certificate course which will assist organisations in implementing an environmental management system such as ISO 14001.

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