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HR Checklist - tips to help managers deal with common issues

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Companies need robust policies and procedures in place to facilitate effective management of any potential HR issues. Here are seven essential tips that can help team leaders, supervisors and managers deal with HR issues.

By: Alison Valente, L&D Consultant - HR and Legal specialist


Green20Checkmark1) Ensure there are consistent guidelines in place

These can be guidelines governing everything from your recruitment process to your staff social media policy. Without clear, consistent and thorough guidelines in place, it is difficult to have a coherent and structured approach to tackling any future HR issue. For example, there should be clear administrative steps governing selection processes when recruiting, to ensure that each candidate is fairly and equally considered.


Green20Checkmark2) Strive for clear communication at all times

Managers should lead from the top in terms of how business issues are communicated to staff and ensure that communication processes are adhered to. This is important to avoid potential misunderstandings.


Green20Checkmark3) Make all responsibilities clear

No matter what level of responsibility, team leaders, supervisors, managers and all members of their teams should have a clear and acknowledged list of responsibilities. This ensures that no matter the work or project, there is always a chain of responsibility to follow.


Green20Checkmark4) Act as a reasonable employer

Make reasonable requests for work from your employees. Know when things are too much and be aware of the workload of all members of your team. Also, ensure annual leave is not impacted by workload or unreasonable work requests that could potentially lead to grievances.


Green20Checkmark5) Make sure all policies and procedures are robust

All companies have clear policies that dictate how they operate, but it is essential that these policies are up-to-date and well-articulated. This ensures that in the face of any potential HR issue that is related to procedure, there are no grey areas that make managing the issue difficult.


Green20Checkmark6) Lead from the top

Team leaders, supervisors and managers have an important role to play in abiding by the policies and procedures in place and also putting into action the best HR practice these policies dictate. By setting an example from the top, it is possible to ensure all policies are adhered to, making it easier to deal with the occasional HR issue when it happens, as opposed to a daily firefight that results from unclear policies not being respected.


Green20Checkmark7) Training, coaching and guidance

Make sure the work environment is one that strongly advocates development training for all members of staff, including managers. Not only does this make companies an attractive option for to work for, but it also helps with staff retention.


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