The IEMA Diploma course experience: Environment Officer Kimberley Lasi | EEF

The IEMA Diploma course experience: Environment Officer Kimberley Lasi

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Kimberley Lasi, an Environment Officer in the aerospace industry, recently completed her IEMA Diploma course with EEF at Woodland Grange and talks about her experience: the course, the tutors and of course the food.


Kimberley Lasi - IEMA Diploma 290X217What are your responsibilities in your role?

I’m an Environment Officer, part of a team of four, and work across our two sites in the UK that employ around 10,000 people. I’m on the manufacturing and industrial side of environment, so I’m focussed on ISO14001 legal compliance and improvements across waste, energy, emissions and water. Prior to this role I was part of the Change Management and Lean team.



Why did you decide to study for the IEMA Diploma?

I am working towards a chartered environmentalist status for IEMA, and as my background is in operations management rather than environment. I was looking for a post-graduate level of education in sustainability topics. I liked the fact that it gave more breadth and provided a wider view of sustainability, rather than being just technically focussed. 


How was your studying experience?

The IEMA Diploma course was a great experience: small class size, very knowledgeable instructor and being able to be in the same classroom with people in similar roles across different industries really added a lot in my opinion.

Woodland Grange is lovely, very nice food too! There’s a different tutor for each module of the course who had different expertise and they were all very interesting and helpful. They were very supportive when we were completing the assignments and available for questions or to just pass ideas by. I was very impressed with the quality of the EEF tutors. 




What is your advice for those who are thinking about getting the IEMA diploma?

It’s important that you come into the course understanding that, unlike the IEMA certificate, the Diploma is not mainly about the technicalities but a more strategic level course. It’s also a great opportunity to learn from the experience of other people who are doing the course with you.
It’s a good course to take if you’re planning on moving to a more strategic sustainability role or if you’re already in one and are planning on moving up the IEMA ladder.


Why did you choose the IEMA Diploma?

I was looking to find a qualification that would work towards a chartered environmentalist status. Also, the timing worked out well for me because I wasn’t constantly away from work. The course is three intense weeks rather than going back and forth between work and the course, which suited my role and my time better.


Was there any part of the IEMA Diploma course that you enjoyed more?

I personally mostly enjoyed the first module of the course, which was looking at mega-trends and the interactions of different systemic risks and opportunities around the world. 


What are your professional plans for the future? 

I’m currently working on a chartered environmentalist status and I’m looking to a more strategic role within wider sustainability rather than just environment-focussed. 

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