What it’s like to study a NEBOSH Diploma: Jessica Disney - NEBOSH Diploma top performing candidate | EEF

What it’s like to study a NEBOSH Diploma: Jessica Disney - NEBOSH Diploma top performing candidate

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Jessica-Disney-NEBOSH-1-290X217Jessica Disney, a Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Advisor at Diamond Light Source, studied for the NEBOSH National Diploma with EEF at Woodland Grange in Leamington Spa. She recently achieved the highest mark in the challenging qualification.

Jessica has been working at the UK’s national synchrotron science facility, located at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in Oxfordshire, since October 2014. This is her first health and safety role. 

We spoke with Jessica about her experience studying with EEF for the diploma, the support she received from her company and her professional future.


Why did you decide to study for the NEBOSH Diploma?

In my previous role I also had some informal health and safety responsibilities and started to do a few qualifications, including the NEBOSH National General Certificate and also the NEBOSH Environmental certificate. After getting those qualifications I started my current role at Diamond, although it didn’t require the Diploma it was something I wanted to do as I knew it would benefit me in my role.

Diamond were very encouraging and supported me in working towards the diploma. They saw the value in sending me to do the course and getting the qualification too.


How was your studying experience?

Jessica-Disney-NEBOSH--2-290X217It certainly was an enjoyable experience. The training venue at Woodland Grange is very conducive to learning. It offers all the resources necessary to aid study whilst still providing a relaxing learning environment. The training instructors are highly knowledgeable and their industry experience enables them to bring real-world insight into the training.

I started revising for the exams months in advance and dedicated a lot of time to studying. I like to enter an exam knowing that I put in as much work as possible, so whatever result I get I know that there was nothing more I could have done to get a better mark. 

The subject matter is not necessarily hard, but there’s a lot of information you need to learn, understand and process. Absorbing it all is a challenge.


What is your advice for those who are thinking about to studying for the NEBOSH diploma?

I think that revision is key, try to study as much as you can and practice many exam questions. The tutors always made themselves available outside of the classroom, which meant that I felt very supported throughout my training. This can be a big help to anyone taking the course.


How would you advise people to get the buy-in and support from the business?

Jessica-Disney-NEBOSH-3-290X217Well, in my case I didn’t have to persuade my employer. I think the course improves your health and safety knowledge and makes you more competent at your job. It gives you expertise and practical skills and covers topics that you may not have any experience in and that you haven’t had the chance to deal with in your workplace. It’s good to learn these new things and then be able to apply them in your work. 

Ultimately, it will make you a better health and safety professional and will enable you to contribute towards a safer workplace – less accidents taking place, and less money and time lost. It can also demonstrate the employee’s commitment to health and safety, and the organisation’s investment in its employees. Companies that invest in their staff make the people want to stay there for the long run.


Why did you choose the NEBOSH Diploma?

It was the natural step to take, especially if you want to be in health and safety for the long term and keep progressing up the ladder. I already knew that was something I wanted to do, so when the opportunity presented itself, I took it. When you look at health and safety job descriptions, almost all of them ask for someone who currently holds a NEBOSH Diploma or is working towards one.  

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Why did you choose to study for the NEBOSH Diploma with EEF?

I chose EEF because there were a number of other people on our health and safety team who had studied with EEF a few years ago, and they recommended EEF and the venue. 


What parts of the diploma did you mostly enjoy?

I always enjoy learning new things, the learning process and the achievement and satisfaction at the end of the day, when you get the qualification and when you improve your CV and your career prospects.

In terms of the venue, Leamington Spa is a very nice environment for the course, it’s very sociable and you get to make some friends when you’re there. The tutors are always around to talk to as well. I enjoyed the social aspect of it and the whole learning environment.


What are your professional plans for the future? 

There are a number of other qualifications that I would consider studying for, including the NEBOSH environmental diploma or maybe a Masters course such as the MSc PgDip in health, safety and environmental management. Since completing the diploma I have obtained Graduate IOSH membership with the goal of becoming a chartered member of IOSH.

Interested in doing the NEBOSH Diploma too? Advance your health and safety career and register today.

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