How 5S training boosted an Operations Manager's output by 20 percent

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Lloyd Cooper had strong on-the-ground experience when it came to manufacturing, from 3D design to CAD. However, in his role as Operations Manager at Icon Aerospace Technology Ltd in Nottinghamshire, Lloyd knew some more formal training in the principles of productivity and continuous improvement would benefit his career and the business. That’s how Lloyd ended up taking one of our Lean/Six Sigma process improvement training courses in 2016.

“The training course gave me skills and tools I can use at different stages of my career,” Lloyd says. “I appreciated that we had a chance to try out what we were learning through a practical exercise in class, giving us a tangible view of the principle.”


Since the course, Lloyd has implemented a 5S workplace layout audit, which identified inefficiencies in the way the production floor was laid out. The change contributed to a 20% increase in output with no net increase in labour.

Of his training with EEF, Lloyd says, “I’d recommend this course to anybody who works in engineering or manufacturing. It doesn’t just cover quality, design or operations, because the principles can be applied to a wide range of roles.”

Next, Lloyd has his sights set on achieving his Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt.

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