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How to retain your leadership talent

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Want to boost productivity in your business? You can make great in manufacturing by taking steps to retain your leadership talent. Our article and Slideshare below provide advice for recognising, rewarding, investing in, and inspiring your team leaders.

How to Retain Your Leadership Talent to Improve ProductivityIn order to plan for the future of your organisation, it is vital to develop its leadership talent, to improve productivity, to grow and remain competitive in the future

There are 3 main things you can do to make great in manufacturing by developing leadership skills in your organisation:

1. Nurture your existing talent

Communicate regularly with managers and try to identify leadership talent. But keep in mind that leadership can also be taught.

While managers are good at setting goals, planning and monitoring, leaders also provide additional essential value to the organisation as they also focus on:

Strategic thinking
Opening doors
Removing blocks
Inspiring others
Building alliances

You can develop leadership skills in your organisation in various ways, by mentoring or coaching, on the job or in group activities, or through leadership training.

2. Reward and recognise your talent

Rewarding people for being good leaders not only encourages them but also others, who see them as role models and inspiration to develop their own skills. 

There are several ways in which you can reward and recognise the leaders in your organisation, including:
One on one feedback
At team meetings
Appraisal process
Promotion or pay rise

Reward and recognition events are especially effective in increasing performance of not just those recognised for their leadership skills but all those who attend.

3. Invest in your people and they will invest back in you

Investing in people is the same as investing in your business.

A business that makes an effort to invest in developing its leaders is a business that prepares for the present as well as the future.

Your organisation will benefit from:
Better communication
Efficient team briefings
Professional presentations
Dealing with difficult situations
Handling discipline and grievance
Effective project management
Managing change well

Investing in management training to develop your leaders will also contribute to retention. People are far less likely to leave a workplace that invests in them, believes in them and takes an active part in their professional progress and personal development

Our Slideshare below provides advice for recognising, rewarding, investing in, and inspiring your team leaders.


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