The EEF training experience: Centre Lathe course - George Haworth | EEF

The EEF training experience: Centre Lathe course - George Haworth

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George HaworthGeorge Haworth, who has been working for DENSO as a facilities technician responsible for diesel FIE testing for the past 5 years, recently completed the Centre Lathe training course at the EEF Aston Technology Training Centre. 

We spoke with him about his experience training with EEF and how the Centre Lathe training would benefit him in his role.



What do you like most about your role? 

I like the variation of work, it’s a very varied role. We do a lot of engine calibration for customers, like marine applications for example. Now that I’ve done the centre lathe training with EEF I also enjoy the challenge of making new jigs or fixtures when installing a new setup. 


How was your training experience?

The Centre Lathe training course was really good and very easy to understand. The teachers were brilliant and made the experience that much more enjoyable. 

The facilities (Aston Technology Training Centre and the Technology Hub) are amazing, I was impressed with them. Everyone was really friendly and it is a good environment to be in.

We spent half a day in the classroom to get the basics of the lathe and various techniques, and the rest of the time practising working the machine using different tools and techniques – very practical.


How will the course help you in your role? 

The course has enabled me to have more freedom in my role and to carry out my own machining tasks, making small jigs or modifying old parts etc. 

Before I had no hands-on experience using the machines. Now the course has given me the confidence to work from a mechanical drawing myself and carry out my own tasks without constantly asking other people’s support. Plus it will save us money in the long run from getting parts made externally as well. 


What is your advice for those who think about doing the course? 

Relax, listen to everything the instructor says and take your time. Ask questions and don’t be daft on the machinery. 




Why did you choose to take the course with EEF? Are you planning on doing more training with EEF?

The course was chosen after the team researching several suppliers and finding EEF was the best decision and the top choice. 
I believe I will be doing a milling course towards the end of the year. Other colleagues may well be back for some other forms of training as well.

EEF offers a wide range of technical and engineering courses that provide the right knowledge and practical skills, delivered at our dedicated Technology Hub in Aston or at your site. Book the Centre Lathe training course or explore other technical skills training courses

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