Health and safety training: how to use your appraisal to get the training you want

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StockSnap_E42YIIC1W8Appraisals are the perfect opportunity to get approval for the training you want for your career. 

The appraisal process is more than a way for your manager to assess you it is also an opportunity for you to set out what you want from your job and your career with your employer.

Take this opportunity to let your manager know the skills you want to further develop and the training and qualifications you want so you can progress towards your next career goal.

Here are four tips that will help you present your case: 

1. Be well prepared

Know exactly what it is you want to get. Prepare by thinking about your career goals and develop a career progression plan that is supported by relevant training. Research what you can do in the next 12 months to get there. For example, if your goal is to become a senior manager in health and safety, look at what qualifications and health and safety training you need, look at where you are now and how those qualifications will help you reach the position you’re aiming for.

2. Think professional and interpersonal

Professional qualifications are a must in health and safety, but they are not all an employer will look for or all you would need to advance yourself. It’s important to ask for help developing your interpersonal skills that address gaps in your skill set as well, such as assertiveness, presentation skills, project management, or other non-accredited courses. These skills are likely a big part of the role you’re aiming for.


3. Present the business case

An employer will only pay for your training if it’s worth their while, so make sure you can demonstrate how it will benefit the business. Think in terms of money saved, increased profitability, efficiency or productivity. Do some research on recent cases where competence has played a part in an accident and link that to an investment in you. Also, look at recent history of health and safety performance and demonstrate how you could have made a difference if you had the right level of training.4. Be confident
Reassure your managers that you are serious about developing your career with them. Your employer is likely to appreciate you being enthusiastic and would value your effort to put yourself forward.

Once you have had the training take time to discuss with your manager how your performance has improved and how the company is seeing some return on investment.

Advance your career with professional qualifications through our health and safety training courses.


Health, Safety and Sustainability Lead - South

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