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How to know if your managers are leaders?

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Managers-or-leaders---ChecklistThe difference between a manager and a leader can be elusive, if you don’t know what leadership skills you’re looking for and what a difference these skills can make over a management style that's been adopted as the norm in your organisation.

Every company has managers, but companies should aspire to create a culture in which leadership is encouraged and developed.

Leadership styles inspire, engage and motivate, enabling a team-based ethos with mutual respect and understanding of the wider aims everyone is working towards for a better, more productive operation. With this comes a great sense of team effort and collaboration for all involved to move the business forward. 

The difference between having managers that lead as part of their role can often be the difference between being an innovative, growing company and a predictable, static company.

Management styles help manage, control and monitor performance of teams, but the adoption of leadership skills can help lead the business and create an environment for growth. 

Here are the key differences between managers who manage and managers who are leaders in their workplace: 


Do you think that your organisation has enough leaders? The good news is that leadership skills are acquired and can be learned by everyone. There’s a variety of ways to develop leadership skills, depending on the situation.

Start developing your most promising leadership talent and create a leadership culture that will help your business grow.

Explore our range of our management and leadership courses to develop your workforce’s leadership skills with CMI and ILM accredited training, taught by some of the most experienced professionals in the business.

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