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Training with EEF: Simon Randall, Head of HSE at Stadco

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Simon-Randall-2We spoke to Simon Randall, Stadco’s Head of Environment, Health, and Safety about his experience training at EEF’s Woodland Grange facility.

Can you tell us a bit about your current role?

As the Head of Environment, Health and Safety at Stadco, I look after the development of the safety culture, safety improvements and management of programs that will reduce risk for the workforce. My team comprises of four people that monitor the systems and safety aspects at our four sites.

What EEF course or courses have you taken so far?

I’m currently taking the MSc. in Health, safety and Environmental management at Woodland Grange. Before this I have attended about six one-day legal update seminars. I am also a member of the Health and Safety Policy leadership group.

Why did you decide to train with EEF?

I knew that EEF know our business and know engineering and therefore have the experience to ensure the course is focussed on the needs of the sector. 
The content of the course was a big draw as it had the ability to give me more depth of knowledge in the field that I’m in.

The MSc course helps you to think differently about change management. It enables you to see both sides and develop more reasoned arguments as to why you would or would not make change. It enables you to be more reflective, but also gives you a lot more technical ability due to the need to carry out research in the field. This is especially true with the environmental module. We’ve explored monitoring techniques and abatement solutions that have developed my knowledge about effective environmental management.

“I’m glad I chose EEF. Training in a business centre like EEF, means that the course is very focussed on putting the training into practice in the real world and is attended by business people instead of students.”

How will your training with EEF contribute to you being successful at your job or any future role?

I’m currently the head of Environment, Health, and Safety and the company is about 1,100 people. For the future I’d like to be a part of a much larger organisation, perhaps at a Director level. Taking this course at EEF, and since there are only a handful of people that have that qualification in the UK, puts me into a very small pool of people who have that level of knowledge and expertise. So I do think that this qualification, alongside my current qualifications, makes me a pretty good candidate for employers.

How was your learning experience with EEF?

EEF have a genuine focus on the delegates and ensure that they have the right level of flexibility to ensure delegates can get all they can from the training. For example, some of us needed to change some of the weeks that we have planned and EEF were able to accommodate us. 

The venue (Woodland Grange) is really a great venue for learning: quiet private rooms, the catering facilities are great, the hotel facilities are great and the whole environment is very nice.

How did you find the trainers?

The instructors are great. They are very knowledgeable and could answer any level of questions, they had all the reference material available and they are very patient. In general, the EEF staff are helpful, professional and supportive. They are also on hand after the course to answer any queries that may arise.

Would you recommend HSE managers to take EEF courses?

I would certainly recommend doing the MSc in HSE with EEF. I originally planned to do the course at a university campus in Birmingham, but I’m glad I chose EEF. I think that the university would have been more informal, while in a business centre like EEF, the course is very focussed and is attended by business people instead of students. The course content will put a different perspective on your thinking.

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