What has the single biggest impact on earnings of health and safety practitioners?

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IOSH, the UK’s (and the world’s) biggest professional health and safety membership organisation, published their 2017 salary survey today and presented some very interesting facts.

Impact on salary

The most important detail to probably come out of this survey is the factor that has the greatest impact on the earnings of health and safety practitioners – the level of IOSH membership. The first major increase in salary happens once the Graduate membership level is reached and the second one once Chartered membership level is achieved. 

IOSH membership level  Median salary 
Not a member
Chartered member
Chartered fellow

It appears that the level of qualification doesn’t have such a direct impact on earnings and they are the means by which you attain the knowledge to progress through the level of IOSH membership. If you are planning your career development it is likely better to plan based on how you achieve the next level of IOSH membership

Pay rise

Another interesting takeaway is that the median pay rise for full and part time employed respondents at their last pay review was only 1%, but it conceals a wide variation in pay rises. A third of employees received no pay award (and 3% had their pay cut), while 10% had a pay rise of at least 6%.

Pay rise  Percentage of employees 
Pay cut
Pay freeze 33%
1% 24%
2% 20%
3% 8.5%
4% 1.5%
5% 3.5%
6%-10% 4%
11% and above 2.5%

Progressing through the IOSH membership levels

The bottom line is that practitioners who wish to develop their career should focus on advancing in the IOSH membership levels, which will translate to higher earnings. 

To reach the Tech IOSH level you would need to attain a NEBOSH National General Certificate or an Oxford Brookes Certificate.

To reach the Grad IOSH level (leading to Chartered membership) you would need to attain a NEBOSH Diploma or an Oxford Brookes Diploma.

EEF offers a wide range of health and safety courses for practitioners who are looking to advance their career.



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