What practitioners can expect from IOSH’s new 5 year strategy – Work 2022 | EEF

What practitioners can expect from IOSH’s new 5 year strategy – Work 2022

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IOSH-logo-290X217One of the key bodies influencing the health and safety profession, IOSH - the professional body for health and safety professionals – launched its 5 year strategy that is designed to "shape the future of health and safety" and defines how IOSH will lead their profession.

What Work 2022 covers

There is a clear international basis to IOSH’s new direction, not surprising with the geographical inconsistencies in health and safety management. International figures have not followed the trend seen in the UK with 2.3 million workplace deaths happening per year. The World Cup, 2022 construction project in Qatar serves as a stark reminder of the worldwide differences in health and safety. This one project has claimed at least 1,200 lives so far.

There’s also less than many might expect on legislation or corporate targets. Instead, the drivers for the strategy centre on the fatalities, injuries and overall effect on people’s lives. The strategy follows the trend in health and safety to bring a greater focus on health, with an emphasis on the positives of work; status, health benefits, quality of life and sense of wellbeing – these aspects are clearly interchangeable whether you’re in Doha or Wigston.

Work 2022 is split into 3 themes: Enhance, Collaborate & Influence

IOSH aim to enhance the occupational safety and health profession by developing competence, capability and skills and promoting the positive public perception of health and safety. In collaboration, they will build strategic partnerships with like-minded organisations and in influence they will enable a worldwide sharing of knowledge and learning.

What can health and safety professionals expect?

With competency and skills, a clear component for the strategy, we can expect so see some developments from a training and professional membership perspective. There are undoubtedly going to be some developments on international activity. In WORK 2022 IOSH have committed to: 

  • The IOSH Blueprint competency framework
  • A new entry route qualification
  • A future leader’s programme
  • A new global engagement model
  • A refreshed approach to research with the aim of making IOSH a centre of excellence and the development of a knowledge hub that pulls together up to date knowledge, advice and practical tools.

The next 5 years will certainly be an interesting time for health and safety’s professional membership body.

To find out more visit the IOSH website

If you’re interested in becoming a Technician or Graduate member of IOSH, take a look at our routes to professional qualification, our Oxford Brookes University courses and NEBOSH training courses


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