Choosing the right health and safety training for senior executives

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ConsultingPerceptions of health and safety at the top of an organisation has changed, high profile health and safety cases, the new requirements for leadership in ISO 45001 and demands from customers and stakeholders is driving business leaders to look at health and safety as part of the business strategy.

There’s increasing demand for training for senior leaders, directors and executives.

But, how do you choose the right course?

IOSH accredited courses are the most widely recognised programmes for senior leaders and executives and there are two options - IOSH leading safely and IOSH safety for senior executives and directors. Whilst both programmes are aimed at the same level they offer a different set of knowledge and skills. Choosing the right one will depend on two factors; the goal or purpose for the training and the current level of knowledge.

Goal / purpose for the training

Being compliant and delivering on responsibilities – IOSH safety for senior executives and directors

  • If you’re looking to a programme that will help the senior team understand their responsibilities and how to ensure the business is compliant and they are doing what they need to then IOSH safety for senior executives and directors is the course. 

Beyond compliance to business value – IOSH leading safely

  • If you’re looking for a programme that will help the senior team devise a strategy that achieves sustainable competitive advantage through health and safety then IOSH leading safely is the right programme. If your team don’t all fully grasp health and safety from a legal and responsibility perspective consider a bespoke programme for your business and brief your trainer to include the legal content in addition to the IOSH leading safely programme.

Current level of knowledge

Limited or minimal awareness of legal responsibilities – IOSH safety for senior executives and directors

  • A foundation of knowledge of legal responsibilities is needed by the top team to ensure the business is being ran safely. IOSH safety for senior executives and directors provides a solid base of knowledge of the Health and Safety at Work Act and what, as leaders of the business, they need to be doing to keep the workforce and the public safe.

Good knowledge of legal responsibilities – IOSH leading safely

  • If the senior team are already aware of their responsibilities and legal requirements IOSH leading safely will help them progress to looking at the business value health and safety can deliver for the business.


Health, Safety and Sustainability Delivery Lead

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