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Health and Safety excellence for EEF MSc graduate Leyton Powell


Leyton Powell, the Head of Environment, Health and Safety at Lucozade Ribena Suntory has successfully completed the EEF Oxford Brookes University MSc, topping off over ten successful years of Health and Safety professional training with EEF.

The completion of this highly coveted Health and Safety qualification means Leyton is now on a career track that will entrench his expertise not only in the UK but also in the European division of the business.

“The MSc enables you to develop skills which strengthen your decision making and build confidence to tackle a variety of complex health, safety and environmental situations. Ultimately your abilities, knowledge and experience grow as a result."

Leyton Powell, MSc Graduate


The MSc is the highest health and safety professional qualification that can be attained, and is designed to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to critically review, evaluate and apply appropriate health, safety and environmental techniques at strategic and operational levels within any organisation. The EEF MSc is accredited by IOSH and IIRSM and meets the criteria for full membership of IEMA. 

Doing the course through EEF is unique as it is a practitioners’ course delivered within an academic framework under the supervision of Oxford Brookes University. EEF tutors and consultants have considerable practical experience in the industry and this gives the course a realistic and practical focus, which enables students to apply learning to the workplace. 

Having already completed a Health and Safety diploma through EEF ten years ago, and making use of EEF as a training and consultancy partner ever since, Leyton decided to challenge himself further by signing on to the MSc course.

“The organisation (Lucozade Ribena Suntory) encourages self-development, so I investigated where I could potentially achieve growth and development. I wanted to be recognised at a higher qualification level, and I wanted to challenge myself, so it all seemed reasonable to take on the MSc with EEF.”

On choosing EEF as a training provider, Leyton said it was a natural decision.

“It wasn’t just about choosing EEF as a brand for high quality training. Having used EEF for many years, I was already familiar with the people involved in delivering the training and going into a higher level of academia I wanted to work with a company I knew and trusted to get me through.”

“Doing the MSc is a totally different way of learning. I am used to classroom based learning and then going away and revising myself. But the MSc is about showing you where your knowledge gaps are, and supporting you as you investigate for yourself how to fill those gaps. Then you feedback what you’ve learned before being assessed.”

“The facility at Woodland Grange is second to none, and if you’re going to go anywhere to do intense studying there is no better venue. It provides a comfortable environment to study, with easy accessibility to resources. The teaching staff are also always there for you, amenable and supportive. The experts come from backgrounds working in the field, so they have the credibility of practical experience. It means when they talk about process and practice, you know they they’ve done it.”



The MSc is designed to challenge delegates to develop a thorough understanding of health, safety and sustainability issues, as well as the skills to help implement required changes in their organisations. They also gain research and management skills required to collect, analyse, evaluate and present information.

Since completion, Leyton says his approach within his role has changed.

“It has changed my way of analysing and behaving. The MSc develops your way of thinking and your approach to situations. It enables you to develop skills which strengthen your decision making and build confidence to tackle a variety of complex health, safety and environmental situations which are not always black and white. Ultimately your abilities, knowledge and experience grow as a result.”

The result for the business is increasing the expertise in house to reduce risks,  identify cost benefits and increase efficiencies.

For Leyton’s career, the MSc has helped secure him an opportunity to extend his knowledge within the European side of the business.

“My dissertation looked at best practice against other organisations and showed differences in relation to our business. I have since been asked to bring this insight and analysis across the broader European company, which is a result of the knowledge I gained from my MSc.”

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