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Garry Platt

Job Title

L&D Consultant


Garry has an MA in management education and development, and regularly delivers training and consultancy in all management development competencies; including leadership, change management, interpersonal skills and trainer skills. 

Garry has worked in the field of training and development for over 30 years working with both commercial enterprises and government bodies.  

Garry is also qualified to deliver a host of psychometric instruments and questionnaires including Myers-Briggs type indicator (MBTI) and Strength deployment inventory (SDI) occupational testing. 

In addition, he can provide training to develop specialist skills in project management, procedures and systems, and enhance negotiation practises and approaches. 

Garry helps clients to accurately identify the true source of their problems to understand their training needs, and focuses on high return initiatives which feed directly into the organisation’s goals and intentions. He draws from direct observation, research and client results on what does and does not work and then develops these approaches into businesses where the culture and workforce would directly benefit from them. 

Garry’s approach to training is pragmatic and realistic, based on sound research and drawing from best working practise. The core of his approach is to make the material and content engaging, relevant and interesting for the target audience to absorb and just as importantly apply and use back in the workplace.

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