IEMA associate certificate in environmental management

10 days
£1750 +VAT
Non Members
£1955 +VAT
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This ten-day course provides a structured and interactive competency development for managers, advisers, consultants and others who are involved coordinating and supporting the management of environmental sustainability. This course gives delegates the understanding around the concepts required to transition to, or implement the ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management Standard.

The course is aimed at those with:

  • responsibilities for environmental management
  • specific responsibilities for the coordination or promotion of environmental control and improvement programmes.

The course also forms part of the NEBOSH national diploma in environmental management. Successful completion of the course entitles students to apply for associate membership of IEMA (AIEMA).

IEMA's membership structure is changing. Read our blog that explains the changes (along with a helpful graphic of how the new requirements compare with the current ones). These changes introduce a new practitioner level membership and will affect the type of study, evaluation and cost of your membership in 2017. Those who study the existing IEMA Associate Certificate course this year, will be transferred automatically to the higher level new IEMA Practitioner membership without extra cost and study time required. Book on today.

Course content

  • Environmental and sustainability principles (Context of the organisation, ISO14001:2015);
  • Environmental policy issues
  • Environmental legislation and compliance measures (Compliance obligations ISO14001:2015);
  • Environmental management and sustainable development in a business context (Planning using lifecycle thinking, ISO14001:2015);
  • Collecting, analysing and reporting on environmental information and data (Performance evaluation, ISO14001:2015);
  • Applying environmental management and assessment tools
  • Analysing problems and opportunities to deliver sustainable solutions (Planning to address risks and opportunities, ISO14001:2015);
  • Developing and implementing programmes to deliver environmental performance improvement (Operational planning and control ISO14001:2015); and,
  • Communicating effectively with internal and external stakeholders (Interested parties and communication plans ISO14001:2015).

By completing this course, delegates will:

  • Be awarded associate membership of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (AIEMA); the first year's subscription is included in course fees. This is subject to successful completion to the end of course exam
  • Be eligible to progress to the NEBOSH National Diploma in environmental management course.


Some prior knowledge of environmental issues is recommended, (such as that gained by undertaking the IEMA foundation certificate in environmental management, or day-to-day involvement in practical environmental management.


There is an examination at the end of week two.