IEMA foundation certificate in environmental management

3 days
£650 +VAT
Non Members
£760 +VAT
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This three-day introductory environmental training will broaden the understanding of managers, safety practitioners and others with responsibility for environmental issues. Using case studies and practical exercises, it will give delegates valuable insights into the legal environmental requirements facing companies today, and guidance as to how to apply them to the business.

IEMA's membership structure is changing. Read our blog that explains the changes (along with a helpful graphic of how the new requirements compare with the current ones). These changes introduce a new practitioner level membership and will affect the type of study, evaluation and cost of your membership in 2017. Those who study the existing IEMA Associate Certificate course this year, will be transferred automatically to the higher level new IEMA Practitioner membership without extra cost and study time required. Book on today.

Course content

  • Introduction to UK legislative requirements
  • Duty of care with respect to waste
  • Media at risk: air, water, land
  • Identification and evaluation of environmental aspects
  • Environmental management systems ISO 14001, EMAS
  • Environmental auditing
  • Waste minimisation
  • Pollution prevention and control.

By completing this course, delegates will have:

  • An appreciation of environmental issues
  • An understanding of the ways in which an organisation impacts on the environment
  • An appreciation of how environmental issues can be incorporated into the management of an organisation
  • An understanding of environmental legislation
  • An awareness of the means of assessing an organisation’s environmental performance
  • The ability to outline the ways in which an environmental management system operates.

Following successful completion of the course, delegates will be eligible to join the IEMA-approved associate certificate in environmental management.


There are no pre-requisites for this course. 


Delegates are required to complete an assessment at the end of the environmental course.