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Training is tailored to your needs and delivered at your location or ours by EEF’s highly experienced HR and employment law specialists, with a wealth of experience of legislation and best practice.

This two-day course is designed to provide managers with the essential management skills they need to effectively manage their teams. It covers all of the key HR areas from effective recruitment and selection through to ending the employment relationship. Case studies and practical exercises help delegates to effectively apply knowledge learned. It will empower managers and team leaders to know when they can handle HR issues themselves and when they should be escalated within the business.

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Course content

Day 1

The Importance of Dignity and Respect in the Workplace

Effective management of grievances

  • How to approach informal grievances

  • Mediation

  • Handling grievances formally including the grievance interview

  • Note taking and documentation

  • Witness statements

  • Questioning techniques

  • Robust grievance reports

The importance of communication skills and body language including simple counselling techniques

Equality Act

  • What is discrimination

  • The 9 protected characteristics

  • How discrimination can occur including direct and indirect discrimination

  • How to effectively manage complaints of bullying and harassment in the workplace

Day 2

Recruitment and Selection

  • Sifting applications

  • Selection interviews

  • Prohibited questions

  • Formal interview process

  • Questioning techniques including competency based questions

Performance Management

  • Managing performance

  • Providing negative feedback in a positive way

  • Documenting poor performance

Ending the Employment Relationship

Discipline including

  • Right to be accompanied

  • Essential features of the disciplinary procedure

  • Suspension 

  • Investigation techniques

  • Disciplinary interviews and sanctions

  • What to include in a warning

  • Right of appeal

Leave / Absence Management

  • Cost of absence

  • Managing short term absence

  • Warnings/cautions

  • Return to work interviews

  • Managing long term absence

  • Seeking effective medical reports

  • Dismissal

  • Holidays and sickness absence.

By completing this course, delegates will:

  • Respond more appropriately to day-to-day issues as they arise in the workplace
  • Recognise a grievance and understand how to respond
  • Understand mediation and the processes involved
  • Understand the legal framework of the Equality Act and how to manage complaints of bullying and harassment in the workplace
  • Be able to make recruitment decisions based on agreed criteria and carry out the selection process with increased confidence
  • Recognise when disciplinary action should be considered and how to approach disciplinary situations
  • Understand how to manage poor performance effectively
  • Understand when it might be appropriate to end the employment relationship and the process involved
  • Differentiate between short and long term absence and understand how each should be handled.


There are no pre-requisites for this course.


There is no assessment but delegates receive a certificate of attendance.

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