ILM level 2 award in leadership and team skills

4 days
£655 +VAT
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This highly practical team leader development programme is aimed at those who are new to the role, or who have some experience but little or no formal training.  The four-day course covers core knowledge and skills to support team leaders, enabling them to step into their role, undertake key responsibilities, communicate effectively and motivate their team and individuals to maximise performance.


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Course content

The programme covers three main topics: 

Developing yourself as a team leader

  • Team leader role –recognising what is expected of the team leader in terms of role and responsibilities
  • Authority and accountability – importance of understanding limits of authority, upward referral and when the buck stops here!
  • Knowledge and skills – developing awareness of the range of knowledge, skills and behaviours of successful team leadership
  • Reflective learning – gathering and using feedback to improve own performance
  • Personal development – recognising development priorities and planning to achieve.

 Workplace communication

  • Successful communication –providing clear and succinct instructions and briefs to avoid misunderstandings
  • Barriers – recognising what helps and hinders message transfer to develop strategies to overcome barriers in the workplace for effective communication
  • Methods – getting it right for the audience so the message is received and acted on
  • Types of communication – delivering and accurately recording face-to-face and written communication.

Improving performance of the work team

  • Policies and procedures – importance of knowing and applying organisations' employment policies, such as timekeeping, conduct and performance
  • Objectives – ensuring a clear line of sight from individual to organisational objectives, communicating what and why
  • Feedback – giving praise and constructive feedback on performance
  • Underperformance – recognising the causes and identifying underperformance of own team and individuals
  • Dealing with underperformance – being aware of how to work with the team or individual to make the required improvement
  • Interpersonal  behaviours – encouraging the right behaviours that build trust and respect
  • Motivation – different frameworks for encouraging people to give of their best.

By completing this course, delegates will:

  • Develop the confidence and competence to undertake the team leader role and responsibilities in the workplace
  • Manage and motivate the team and different individuals to help maximise performance and productivity
  • Set a personal development plan that will help them continue their learning following completion of the programme.


There are no pre-requisites for this course. 


Assessed by ILM assignments, written and oral briefing.

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