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Quiz: Are you a natural born leader?

Do you know how to lead people, enable them to make the best of their abilities and achieve personal and business goals? Have you tapped your full leadership potential and fully developed your leadership skills? Take this quiz to find out how good you actually are.

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Leadership and management quiz 290X217 Quiz: What leadership & management qualification is right for you?

Find out the best qualification level to suit your career aspirations or to develop and retain talent within your business.

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Trainingspotlight6 7 steps to becoming an effective team leader

Being a team leader means being able to inspire the respect and confidence in your team to perform better and reach new levels of productivity.

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5 key challenges for new team leaders 5 key challenges for new team leaders

Making the transition and engaging colleagues is a challenge. Here are 5 key challenges you can expect as a new team leader.

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