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Member States letter to the Commission on Trade Defence

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Briefing---Member-States-letter-to-the-Commission-on-Trade-DefenceMember States letter to the Commission on Trade Defence

A letter has been sent from Sajid Javid MP, Secretary for State of Business, Innovation and Skills and other notable countries such as Germany to Vice-President Katainen and Commissioners Bienkowska and Malmstrom calling for the EU Commission to take urgent action to protect the steel industry.

UK Steel has long called for member states to put extreme pressure on the EU Commission to take decisive action and this is a positive step forward. We have been widely quoted, including on the front page of City AM and the Telegraph.



Key points from the letter include calling for the:
EU not to remain passive when rising job losses and steelwork closures show that there is a significant and impending risk of collapse in the European steel sector.
Commission to speed up anti-dumping cases, including by quickening up the pace of investigations.
Commission to be prepared to open up investigations “ex officio” and to set up measures on the ground of the “threat of injury” where the evidence justifies this.
EU to adopt a package of measures to modernise Trade Defence Instruments.
European Council should maintain incentives for industry to innovate, whilst the most efficient industrial installations in sectors at risk of carbon leakage should not be subject to undue carbon costs.
Ensuring that the most efficient installations are not subjected to undue carbon costs.

Member states have called for there to be an explicit focus on addressing the serious and specific issues facing the steel industry across the EU through the high level stakeholder conference next Monday. We will continue to put pressure on all levels to help achieve these goals and in particular, ahead of the Brussels Steel Conference next Monday.


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