Why investing in talent reaps dividends

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Talent is an important differentiator for any company, but particularly for an organisation that has built its entire business and reputation on customer service excellence. At EEF Venues we look on people as our single greatest asset, which is why continuing investment in training is integral to our strategic goals.

For three consecutive years we have been named ‘No 1 Small Group’ in the BDRC Continental’s VenueVerdict Awards. Based entirely on the voice of customers, it is easy to see how customer service – and the people behind that service – is impacting on our top and bottom line performance.

David Vaughton, director of venues for EEF Venues, share his thoughts on why training has to take centre stage.


 - If achieving customer service excellence is truly a goal, training has to be embedded into a company’s strategic objectives.
   It has to underline everything you do.

 - Training is about creating a mind set to make a difference to every single customer’s journey.

 - Keeping training at the heart of the business is about getting people engaged and motivated and creating those moments
   of truth that customers remember and return for. 

 - By aligning talent management and customer service excellence with business strategy, an organisation reaps the benefits
   of enhanced loyalty and reputation, more stability and better control over performance.

 - Providing development training for managers improves the capability and productivity of team members, resulting in more
   consistency of quality and service levels.

 - As a manager, you are your people. The greatest test of a good manager is that if everything runs smoothly in their absence.
   An informed and motivated manager gets the best out of people, who in turn want to be the best at what they do, so there is
   a clear knock-on effect on everyone’s performance.

 - Investment in training creates customer service heroes who happily uphold an organisation’s vision and values.

 - Training raises the bar for everyone. It takes people out of their comfort zones and pushes them to raise their standards and expectations.

 - On-going training ensures you plan for the future by viewing the bigger picture, anticipating on-going skills gaps and creating
   deep pools of talent across the business – so vital in succession planning.

 - Nurturing the next generation and helping them to realise their aspirations though training has impact on staff retention and
   motivation. If input equals output then happy staff leads to happy customers.

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