Great TV's a Conversation

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Remember the old days; when TV’s were thick, small, and sat passively buzzing in the corner of the room? Depending on your age, the humble television has been in turn, black & white and a major fire risk; ‘coloured’, with only four channels; or gleaming, beaming paper-thin structures with a picture more realistic than reality.

But, what continues to change is this idea of a TV being a passive part of life; how old fashioned! TV’s are there to be talked to, to be communicated with, and through; part of a syndicate of devices that allow us to comment, like, gossip (and troll) participants that we see. They are passive no more, they are active; we’re being ‘immersed in TV’. 


So, when we looked to put in new TV’s into the bedrooms at EEF Venues Woodland Grange (I mean, some of ours were over four years old, archaic!) we wanted to make sure that the treatment of the TV was in keeping with modern behaviour. We wanted to communicate through them; more importantly, we wanted our events customers to communicate through them.

The technology behind this is not new, and it’s quite simple; basically, it’s about connectivity. It means that creative event companies can do more than just a personalised welcome on screen as delegates arrive in their rooms. They can do so much more. Like a live event, they have the opportunity to create content, receive feedback, live stream, and extend event experiences for every delegate in the venue. It means people can decide where they take in their content during the day, or equally, event organisers can use the system to tease content in the morning, or show highlight reels in the evening.

It’s a neat little trick, but one we’re proud to offer, not least because – as we are Woodland Grange – all of the content will be displayed on 4K ready, 40-inch screens, with high definition pictures, crystal clear sound and amazing connectability.  

This quality of the new TV’s is important to us, as its important to our guests; whether the content is business or leisure, a hotel room is still a hotel room, and the best form of entertainment is on the screen. So, we believe that in-room TVs should be the very best, and offer a home cinema experience regardless; it’s the least our guests deserve.

And, if our conference organisers want to supplement movies, sport or reality TV with their own content, why not. Things always look better in HD.

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