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Energy Management 101: setting the right strategy for your business

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So your business is ready to tackle one of the biggest risks (and opportunities) our industry faces – carbon and energy. But, what’s the right approach for you?

Are your looking to reduce your energy bills, boost your tender prospects, impress your shareholders, ensure compliance or cut your exposure to carbon taxes? What’s more important for you – the amount that you need to invest or that you can demonstrate your commitment to your stakeholders? Making long term savings or getting the quickest ROI?

The drivers and priorities in your business should dictate the focus of your strategy – where you start, how much you spend, where you draw in external expertise. Whether you look to achieve a global standard with ISO50001 or focus on the requirements set by legislation - like ESOS.

EEF’s energy experts have compiled this guide to give you the direction to get started with the most effective carbon and energy strategy for your business. 

If you’re ready to take concrete steps to reduce costs, meet the needs of stakeholders and comply with current and future legislation and taxation, then get in touch with our energy management team.

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