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The 4th industrial revolution

Manufacturing is undergoing a transformation to the fourth industrial revolution. This transformation will see greater integration of physical production with digital technologies to boost levels of productivity.

Welcome to EEF's 4IR hub, your first port of call for all things to do with the 4th industrial revolution. Below you'll find links to publications, blogs and other resources.  



Download: How 4IR is transforming manufacturing productivity - facts and figures

Two years on from EEF's first 4IR fact card, we explore where manufacturers are on their journey and the barriers stopping adoption.

4IR-report-cover  Read - The 4th Industrial Revolution: a primer for manufacturers
A short, informative report that manufacturers can pick up to gain greater understanding of what 4IR is and how to apply the information they have gained.
4IR factcard 

At a glance - 4IR Fact Card
A bite sized fact card explaining what 4IR is and how it compares to previous revolutions in manufacturing.


Breaking it down – White Paper on the 4IR ‘Conception’ Phase
4IR will not be a big bang but a journey of three phases. Read our short white paper breaking down the Conception phase.


Optimising your business – White Paper on the 4IR ‘Evolution’ Phase

When you are ready to move on to the next stage of your 4IR journey, read our short white paper breaking down the Evolution phase which is all about optimising your business.


What is 4IR? What should manufacturers be doing?

Watch our 1st webinar on the 'conception' phase

How can manufacturers upgrade business practices with 4IR?

Watch our 2nd webinar on the 'evolution' phase


Next steps – attend a Manufacturing Connect seminar
Manufacturers should register for our upcoming 4IR seminars to develop their understanding. Find one near you.




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